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Traveling from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok

Bagdogra to Gangtok Car Rental

Our vehicle will pick you up at the appointed hour from Bagdogra Airport, we will drive you to Gangtok town which is a distance of about 130 kilometres. 

Bagdogra to Gangtok Route Description

You will be travelling on National Highway 10 throughout the route. We recommend you start this journey with sufficient time in hand. The journey is through beautiful hills and forests. 
As you start from Bagdogra you will soon be passing by Siliguri town, which is the gateway to North East India. After Siliguri, you will be entering the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. You will cross the “Bengal Safari” where you can take a break and go for a safari inside the forest. The Safari is to be booked separately and consult our travel advisor in advance for the waiting charge as you may spend a couple of hours here. Once you cross the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, you will reach Sevok (30 km from the airport) where you will meet the river Teesta. From here your journey through the Bengal hills starts. A couple of hours' drive from here will take you to Rongpo which is the Bengal Sikkim border town. Expect some usual police checking here before you drive on toward Singtam half an hour away. At Singtam you will leave river Teesta and take an uphill drive towards Ranipool. This small town is about 10 km away from Gangtok and is dotted with resorts and hotels and can be considered the outskirts of Gangtok town. The Journey from Ranipool to Gangtok sometimes is a bit slow due to traffic, especially during business hours and tourist seasons. As you reach Gangtok our vehicle may drop you at the hotel. Please note that vehicle movement within the city is highly restrictive and there are several rules regarding what vehicle can go where at what time. Often you may have to hire a local small taxi which will take you to your hotel for the last kilometre drive. Consult our travel experts after booking and they will inform you if your hotel's location has any restrictions in place.

At Humro Cars we have our own vehicles that ply almost daily between Bagdogra and Gangtok, so enjoy your ride in the hands of our experienced and specialist local drivers.

Exploring the Route: Enchanting Stops en Route from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok

As you ascend the winding roads towards Gangtok, you'll encounter several noteworthy attractions along the way:

Teesta River: Feast your eyes on the scenic beauty of the Teesta River, which accompanies you on parts of the journey.

Sevoke Bagpool: This is a century-old bridge over river Teesta that would mesmerise you.

Lush Valleys: Admire the picturesque landscapes and verdant valleys that the route offers.

Rumtek Monastery: Consider a detour to the Rumtek Monastery, a significant Tibetan Buddhist site.

Rongpo Border: The border town between Bengal and Sikkim

Planning Your Timeline: Estimated Travel Duration from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok

The travel time varies between 4 to 6 hours depending on the traffic on the route (tourist season witnesses a lot of traffic on this route), the number of breaks you take (there are some nice views on the way) and the condition of the road at the time of travel (Monsoon every year damages the road substantially which is repaired afterwards). Since the route is incredibly scenic, consider travelling during daylight hours to fully appreciate the picturesque landscapes.

Packing Tips for the Journey: Essentials for a Comfortable Travel Experience

Comfortable Clothing: Pack a mix of warm and light clothing, as temperatures can vary throughout the journey.
Sturdy Shoes: Bring comfortable walking shoes or sneakers to explore attractions along the way.
Camera and Binoculars: Capture the breathtaking views and wildlife with a camera and binoculars.
Snacks and Water: Carry some snacks and bottled water to stay refreshed during the trip.

Safety First: Travel Safety Tips and Precautions for a Smooth Trip

Altitude Awareness: Gangtok is at a higher altitude, so allow yourself time to acclimatize and take it easy upon arrival.
Health Preparedness: Consult a medical professional before the trip if you have health concerns related to high altitudes.
Travel Insurance: Make sure you have travel insurance to cover any unexpected situations.

Flexibility in Travel: Adapting to Unexpected Changes and Delays

While the journey is typically smooth, unforeseen circumstances like weather changes or road closures can cause delays. Keep an open mind and use any extra time as an opportunity to explore nearby attractions.

Capturing the Memories: Tips for Documenting Your Adventurous Journey

Gangtok's charm is worth capturing. Photograph the vibrant markets, the stunning views of the Kanchenjunga peak, and the bustling city life. Don't forget to occasionally put the camera down to savour the moment.